Artilect BAM™ Boom Automation Module

Artilect BAM™ provides a full automation package for hydraulic boom systems. It is designed to be quickly and simply retrofitted to existing hydraulic boom installations, enabling a range of advanced functionality. Please contact us if you need more information or to discuss your requirements for boom automation.

Smart Limits™

The Smart Limits™ system allows you to set up a safe area where the boom is allowed to operate, using a simple and intuitive 'Learn Limits' function. When operating the boom, the Smart Limits™ system continuously monitors the position of the boom. As the boom approaches the edge of its safe area, the Smart Limits™ system will smoothly slow and then halt the boom to keep it inside that area.

For even easier operation, the Smart Limits™ system has an 'Assist' function. When slewing the boom left or right, if the Smart Limits™ system needs to reduce the slew input to keep the boom within limits, it adjusts the other boom controls to automatically 'push' the boom back into range, allowing the boom to safely continue to slew.

Movement Commands™

Artilect BAM™ can be configured with Movement Commands™, allowing the operator to automatically execute common or difficult movement sequences with a single button press. This reduces operator fatigue, improves speed and accuracy of movements which need precision (such as parking on a small platform), and reduces the chance of equipment damage cased by operator error.

For closer integration between Artilect BAM™ and your other equipment, any step of a Movement Command™ can be interlocked against an external input. This allows the system to, for example, pause a movement until a gate has opened before completing the movement once a proxy detects that the gate is open.

Tele-Remote Control

With the optional BAM™ Remote Control upgrade, Artilect BAM™ allows the boom to be operated from anywhere on your plant network. This upgrade package includes boom control software which runs on a workstation in your control center, and can remotely operate all of your boom systems from the same workstation. For larger sites, multiple workstations can share control of a group of booms on a first-come first-served basis.

More Advantages

User-friendly Touchscreen Interface

Artilect BAM™ is designed around a user-friendly touchscreen interface, making it easy to configure, operate and troubleshoot the system. No programming laptop or additional software is required to set the system up from scratch.

Drive-by-wire Boom Operation

With Artilect BAM™ in control of your hydraulic boom, you can set the direction, acceleration, maximum speed, and minimum creep speed for each joint independently using the user-friendly touchscreen interface. Trim the boom's performance for superior controllability and reduce wear and tear on the hydraulics.

General Purpose IO

Artilect BAM™ is equipped with general-purpose dry contact inputs and outputs. These can be configured via the touchscreen interface, allowing the system's functionality to be customized for your requirements. Do you want a startup siren? A deadman pedal for the operator? A push-button to park the boom? All these and more can be added via the general-purpose IO.

Plant Integration

If you need more than just the general purpose outputs, the system offers a Modbus/TCP interface, giving your plant SCADA or DCS access to all the information you need. You can then monitor or log this data alongside your other plant telemetry.

Rugged Serviceable Design

Artilect BAM™ is designed for high uptime and easy maintenance. Boom position sensors are fully separate from the boom hydraulics and can be replaced without special tools or lifting equipment. All components are rated for high temperatures and the module comes standard with shock mountings for the ultimate in vibration resistance. All components are designed to be quick-swapped for rapid repair.

Integrated Safety System

Artilect BAM™ comes equipped with an integrated CAT3 safe shutdown system, allowing the boom to be stopped reliably when necessary. This safety system also monitors access to the area around the boom, ensuring that the boom can only be remotely operated if all personnel are at a safe distance.

OEM Factory Integration Available

Artilect BAM™ is designed for OEM factory integration. If you're a manufacturer of hydraulic boom systems, we'd like to work with you to offer Artilect BAM™ as a factory option on your booms. Please contact us if you're interested in working together!