Welcome to Artilect

With over 12 years experience in machine control, Artilect combines hardware and software to bring you the best in industrial automation. Whatever machine control challenge your company faces, we can help you with everything from initial requirements analysis and system design through to implementing and commissioning a complete turnkey system.



It is with great pleasure that I can publicly announce the launch of Artilect's first control systems product:

The Artilect BAM™ Boom Automation Module for hydraulic booms!

Artilect BAM™ provides a full automation package for hydraulic boom systems. It is designed to be quickly and simply retrofitted to existing boom installations, enabling a range of advanced functionality:

Learn more about Artilect BAM™ here.

Artilect BAM™ is also designed with OEM integration in mind. If you manufacture hydraulic boom systems, we'd like to work with you to offer BAM™ as a factory option on your booms. Please let us know if you're interested!